Supercar Breakfast Club presents

Benefits of joining the Supercar Breakfast Club

Membership of Supercar Breakfast Club brings with it some tremendous benefits including free access to drives and priority access to tours (dependent on your level of membership). Simply mention you are a member of Supercar Breakfast Club and you could be taking advantage of the following…

10% discount on body shop repairs non-insured with Fix Auto Leicester

Up to £150 voucher on insured repair work under £3000 carried out via Fix Auto Leicester

Up to £500 of SBC vouchers against any accident or repair claim over £3000 undertaken by Fix Auto Leicester

10% discount on Ngenco Paint Protection and ceramic coatings

SBC vouchers when you take out standard, track or household insurance for specialist supercars with UK Global.

Supercar Breakfast Club has formed a partnership with the team at In Sync Finance who can structure loans to help SBC members purchase their dream cars. 

The company has experience of making loans for supercars and will work directly with you to come up with the best and most cost efficient way to finance your dream vehicle. They can even look at the restructuring of existing liabilities to save you money on your monthly payments and interest paid. Why not give them a call and don't forget to mention SBC.

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